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Chiropractic Center offers health, wellness, and injury rehabilitation resource for families just like yours. Dr. Melinda Maxwell can provide you and your loved ones with a wide range of primary care services and techniques -- all of them non-surgical and drug-free in nature. These services and techniques include the following.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Chiropractic care can do a lot more than straighten out a nagging case of neck or back pain -- although it can certainly do that, too. Your chiropractor can make targeted, gentle adjustments to individual joint components that have lost their natural alignment. Even a small correction can make a dramatic difference in your comfort and function, not only in the affected joint but also throughout your musculoskeletal system. Chiropractic care can ease aches and pains while also relieving pinched nerves, thus allowing your entire body to work as it should.

Corrective Exercises

When you've been laid low by an auto accident, sports injury, workplace mishap or serious illness, our corrective exercises can play a major role in getting you healthy again. Corrective exercises can also help an uninjured body adopt a healthier posture by lending it the strength and flexibility it needs. Your chiropractor can prescribe a personalized mix of corrective exercises, many of which can easily be performed at home, as an accompaniment to chiropractic care.

Muscles and Movement

The human body as designed so that muscles work in pairs. One muscle or set of muscles flexes a joint, while another extends/straightens the joint. If a muscle is weak, the opposing muscle often becomes overly tight. Tendons and ligaments are also affected by uneven muscles and can also become too tight or too loose. Since the musculoskeletal system is interconnected, uneven muscles in an area like the feet can lead to dysfunction and pain in the ankles, knees or hips or even the back. Joint misalignments, especially in the spine, irritate the nerves and cause a variety of symptoms.

Goals of Corrective Exercises

Corrective exercise has several goals. The first is to strengthen weak muscles. The second is to loosen tight muscles, tendons, and ligaments. The third is to make the correct movement a habit to prevent further problems. All of these also help with pain reduction. Nearly everyone (even athletes) in today’s world of technology and convenience has such problems as tight hip flexor muscles or a core that is not as strong as it could be. A chiropractor will use techniques such as postural assessment to identify your specific problems and design an exercise program to fit your needs.

Lifestyle Advice

The countless daily choices you make in your everyday life affect your health and wellness -- but are you choosing correctly? Chiropractic Wellness Center can guide you toward specific changes you can make in your lifestyle to help you feel better, function better, and avoid those preventable aches, pains, and injuries.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a proven healing modality that makes a perfect complement to our chiropractic care services. From gentle, smooth strokes that ease tension and boost circulation to deep tissue techniques that can release scar tissue and relieve chronic pain, you'll be astonished at the range of benefits you can receive from massage. Massage therapy can even make your chiropractic adjustment sessions easier and more effective.

Spinal and Postural Screenings

The longer a spinal misalignment goes undetected and unaddressed, the more severe it becomes the more pain it causes, and the more difficult it is to treat. Our Newcastle team can minimize these issues through preventative spinal and postural screenings. 

Spinal or postural imbalances can almost always be attributed to one of four causes:

  • Inherited or acquired structural factors
  • Trauma
  • Repetitive activities
  • Postural habits

Postural Screening for Children

Every child should have postural screenings to identify early signs of any spinal deformities or undetected injuries before they lead to greater problems later on. Early detection can mean easier, more effective treatments, should anything untoward be found. Scoliosis and kyphosis are two conditions that are screened for in school children. Posture screenings were developed to help identify these types of spinal curves in school children and to refer them for treatment before the condition worsens.

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  • "Dr. Maxwell and her team are really great. I love that she takes the time to really figure out what is going on with me and genuinely CARES about my health and well-being. I have been going to her for years. I had been hurting SO badly with chronic pain due to illness and debilitating migraines and she got me in right away, and adjusted me gently since it had been a while; even this gentle (but thorough) adjustment had me feeling 100times better than I've been for weeks. I can't brag enough. I have always felt so good after her adjustments. I'll be making the drive from Mukilteo to Newcastle just to continue to receive treatment from her and Dr Stephanie every week."
    Jenn W. Newcastle, WA

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