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Benefits of Pediatric Chiropractic Services

Many people have heard about chiropractor services for adults who suffer from a range of neck and spinal problems. What many people are not aware of is that there are also pediatric chiropractor services that can do a world of good for infants and young children. At Chiropractic Wellness Center, we offer help to those who are looking for a Newcastle chiropractor for the youngest members of their family. Here are just a few of the benefits you can expect for your child when you take advantage of pediatric chiropractic services.

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Relief From Birth Injuries

Chiropractic care aimed at the youngest of children can help with issues that could arise from birthing injuries.  A long labor, a complicated delivery, emergency deliveries, and C-section deliveries can all make a baby susceptible to injuries. Gentle pediatric chiropractic services can help give them the best start in life and reverse several minor injuries they may have sustained during birth.


Infants under a year old are often plagued by colic, a common issue with gas and bloating that cause pain and discomfort, particularly at night. Pediatric chiropractic care can help regulate body systems and can help bring some relief to the pain and discomfort associated with infant colic, making this easier on baby and parents alike.

Growing Pains

The experience of growing pains is common for kids as they mature. When their bodies grow at a rate that their bodies cannot quite keep up with, this can lead to some pain and discomfort, especially in the joints. Chiropractic adjustments can help this process be less painful overall and help keep your young ones mobile, happy, and pain-free.


Babies learn to balance when they begin to crawl and walk. Toddlers improve on their balance as they get more mobile and active. Young children put their balance to the test as they run and climb and explore. A chiropractor can help keep their spine in alignment so their balance is easier to maintain and they do not get hurt as often. Good balance keeps kids safe while they are on the move doing everything that kids do.

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  • "Dr. Maxwell and her team are really great. I love that she takes the time to really figure out what is going on with me and genuinely CARES about my health and well-being. I have been going to her for years. I had been hurting SO badly with chronic pain due to illness and debilitating migraines and she got me in right away, and adjusted me gently since it had been a while; even this gentle (but thorough) adjustment had me feeling 100times better than I've been for weeks. I can't brag enough. I have always felt so good after her adjustments. I'll be making the drive from Mukilteo to Newcastle just to continue to receive treatment from her and Dr Stephanie every week."
    Jenn W. Newcastle, WA

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